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To access SpamAssassin for your account go to your mail server admin URL provided and login with your email credentials.

Once logged in click on SETTINGS next to your email account


Configuring Black and White Lists

To add entries to the black or white list:

  1. Go to the Black List or the White List tab:

  2. Click Add Addresses.

  3. Provide the list of entries you want to add to the list.

    *  Separate addresses with a comma, a colon, or a white space.

    *  Use an asterisk (*) as a substitute for a number of letters.
                 For example:  * Specifying * will block the entire mail domain

    *  Use a question mark (?) as a substitute for a single letter.
                 For example: 

  4. Click OK.

To remove entries from the black or white list:

  • Select the entries on the corresponding tab and click Remove.


SpamAssassin Spam Filter

The SpamAssassin spam filter identifies spam messages by scanning mailbox.

To achieve the desired level of spam protection, configure SpamAssassin settings:

  • Spam filter sensitivity levels

    Value of 1 = least sensitive (allows for more latitude for what can be marked as spam).

    Value of 10 = Very stringent (easy to get marked as spam)

    To identify spam messages, SpamAssassin performs a number of different tests on contents and subject line of each message. As a result, each message scores a number of points. The higher the number, the more likely a message is spam.

    For example, a message containing the text string “BUY VIAGRA AT LOW PRICE!!!” in the Subject line and the message body scores 8.3 points. By default, the filter sensitivity is set so that all messages that score 7 or more points are classified as spam. If your users still receive spam messages with the default sensitivity, increase it by setting a lesser value, for example, 6. If SpamAssassin marks valid messages as spam, then decrease the sensitivity by setting a higher value.

  • Spam marks

    You can set the filter to automatically delete spam.  You can do it only on a per-mailbox basis.

    If you want, the spam filter will additionally include a specific text string to the beginning of the messages’ subject line (by default, this string is *****SPAM*****).

    Each user can individually choose/elect to delete spam instead of simply marking it as spam.


NOTE:  If you wish to have more robust features such as AntiVirus to protect your mail and business as an IntellEcommerce staff regarding our extended and advanced mail server security packages available.

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