Multi-User Account

Multi-User Account extension allows your customers to create multiple sub-user profiles with custom access permission. This allows sub-users (such as employees) to have limited access to create orders or just fulfill orders etc.

Key Features:

* One account can have multiple sub-users
* Different permission levels per user
* Account owner can add/edit/remove users
* Permissions to read only, edit account info, order.

Sub-account permissions:

* Read Only- User can view information such as purchase history and reports, but cannot make modifications
* Modify Account Information- User can only modify general profile information such as addresses and names
* Order Creation- User can create new orders, but cannot modify profile information
* Order Creation & Modify Account- User can create orders and modify the profile information
Setting up your multi user account

When your customer logs in to their account on your website they will see a "User Management" link. Their, the account owner can add and remove account users, and configure their sub-account settings. This is a very simple and intuitive solution which will empower the account user to control all user access to his account

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