Display Product View FILTERS

To display product view FILTERS  (filter by MANUFACTURER, PRICE, BEST VALUE, and NAME) on the left column of each category page:


1)  Goto Admin panel

2)  Catalog->Manage Categories

3)  Click on the category on which you want to display the filters.  Then go to the Display Setting Tab

Set [Is Anchor] to YES

Now you'll see filter options in left side bar.


If you still don't see the filters:

In admin's Category edit section check the [Custom Design] Tab

*  set page layout as 2columns-left.phmtl or 3columns.phtml


IF you still don't see it:  Open a suppor ticket so that we can check your catalog.xml file to check your category view page template is 2columns-left.phmtl or 3columns.phtml

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